Hütte und Chor


Max Andrzejewski’s HÜTTE and The Homegrown Organic Gospel Choir

Drummer and composer Max Andrzejewski wrote an entirely new concert program for his energetic, heartrending, award winning band ‚HÜTTE‘ PLUS a 12 singers CHOIR of strong vocal soloists.

It’s a marriage for love of Gospel Music and Contemporary/FreeJazz.
And there are lyrics too. Poems about food as our substitute for religion, written by the theatre dramaturg Thomaspeter Goergen and the food lover Sylvana Seddig.
As special guest, Dorrey Lin Lyles, the high-powered Gospel Voice is joining the ensemble for escalating peaks.

Cherish the butter!
Praise the vegan hype!
Worship the cracking of bones and all our society’s eating disorders!

The ensemble will record the music at RBB Radio Berlin Brandenburg the days after the concert.
Thanks for the support of RBB and the Senatskanzlei für Kulturelle Angelegenheiten Berlin.

Johannes Schleiermacher (sax), Tobias Hoffmann (git), Andreas Lang (b), Max Andrzejewski (dr. + comp.)

Choir Leader: Tobias Christl

Winnie Brückner, Tobias Christl, Marie Daniels, Lea W. Frey, Marcus Gartschock, Erik Leuthäuser, Zola Mennenöh, Friederike Merz, Stephen Moult, Dora Osterloh, Lena Sundermayer, Laura Winkler

Special guest: Dorrey Lin Lyles (voc)

Konzert: 02. Juni 2016, 20 Uhr (Aufsturz Berlin)